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Vector GPS

At Vector GPS, we believe that every business and individual has the power to achieve more. We also strongly believe in the power of technology to help individuals and organisations achieve unparalleled success. As the world becomes more and more connected, we believe that businesses can deliver higher returns using our products and services which are designed keeping the power of connectivity at the core of our offerings. At the same time we think it’s imperative for our solutions to be simple yet effective, as businesses should not rely on complex solutions which can take up vital organisational energies and should rather focus on their core competencies while using our products and services on the go.

Operating costs are constantly rising and the demands on resources to deliver more for less are increasing day by day. As managements focus more and more on controlling operating costs, there are opportunities to add to the top line too.  Our state of the art solutions will help you strike a perfect balance between the two.

At Vector GPS, our prime focus areas are:

  • Enhance Productivity
  • Optimize Operating and Maintenance Costs
  • Improve Safety of Stakeholders


We provide Business Solutions that go beyond simple tracking! Our solutions have been designed keeping your RoI in mind! Usually, payback happens within the first month! 

Customized Solutions

We offer industry customized solutions which cater to the exact needs of each industry segment.

Innovation Driven

We innovate everyday! And evolve with you!

Customer Obsessed

Every solution is built keeping customer needs at the core!

Custom Solutions!