Vector GPS Standard Plan
  • Suitable for most fleet operators, these would address all your essential requirements to run your fleet smoothly.
  • Reports which would not only meet but will actually exceed your expectations
  • Insights on efficiency and utilization
  • Alerts of events which need your immediate attention
Vector GPS Pro Plan
  • Additional reports over and above the standard plan
  • Driver utilization to identify opportunities for efficiency improvement
  • Earnings report to give you how your fleet is giving you returns on your investment
  • Fleet utilization, fuel and preventive maintenance to make your fleet earn more and more!
Vector GPS Advantage Plan
  • Additional reports over and above pro plan
  • Route planning and scheduling
  • Route efficiency tracking for improved logistics
  • Predictive maintenance to avoid mishaps
  • Driver safety system to identify potential gaps and address them beforehand
  • Special applications for cargo requiring auxiliary tracking systems
Vector GPS for Parents

Every second is priceless! When your child is travelling to or from her school! Be it allowing her to be tucked away in her bed for five more minutes when the 615 am bus is arriving at 620 today, or when you can keep her favourite meals ready just in time as she steps into the house back from school, we at Vector GPS are committed to a worry free day for you! Everyday!

Vector GPS for Passengers

Whether you are in your daily commute to the office in the company bus or going to visit your parents a hundred miles away for a long weekend, Vector GPS will ensure a no hassles journey. From pinging you ten minutes before the bus arrives at your scheduled stop to sharing your journey coordinates in real time with your loved ones, we are with you. Explore the world of Vector GPS for passengers! And have a safe ride always!

Vector GPS for Drivers

This is a special offering from Vector GPS!!

Here drivers can not only get to know about their contribution to the fleet business, but can easily track their:

Duty details

Improvement Areas for safer driving

Latest news and information

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