Business Solutions That Deliver RoI

We provide Business Solutions that go beyond simple tracking! Our solutions have been designed keeping your RoI in mind! Usually  payback happens within the first month! 

Towards Safer Transportation

Our solutions will ensure safety of passengers, drivers, and most importantly your fleet at all times! Tracking vehicles with GPS can reduce accidents by as much as 38%.

Customized Solutions

What applies to a School Bus Fleet is completely different from what a Cab Fleet operator needs! We ensure 100% customization in every solution!

Choose Your Best Fit Plan

We offer a comprehensive bouquet to choose from! Choose what is Best for you! So that you get the Best out of us!

Welcome to Vector GPS!

About Our Company

Vector GPS- Beyond The Horizon provides state-of-the-art custom solutions for Fleets and Field Forces.

Vector GPS currently has customers on board across geographies and is rapidly making inroads into newer segments and markets. The clients’ list includes marquee names from across industries! Including Manufacturing, Logistics, eCommerce, Branding, Dairy, Passenger-Transport, and Distribution!

We focus on delivering three key objectives:
1. Safety
2. Efficiency
3. Productivity



Our team of specialists comes from diverse backgrounds. They bring along a rich and varied experience across Transport, Telecom, AI, and Retail industry.

Customer Experience Excellence

We believe in creating a culture of “Customer Experience Excellence” through continuous learning and engaging with our customers.

RoI: Return on Investment

Its all about the money! With the goal of ensuring a healthy RoI from our solutions, you will find us obsessed with Return on Investment for our customers!! Thats the bottom line!!


Its a critical aspect of our solutions! And we strive to find ways to make this world a safer place using Intelligent and Safe Transportation System.

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Our Solutions

Our Strategic Pillars

Industry Experience

Cross Industry Experience! Transport!Telecom!AI!Analytics!

Brilliant Team

Engineers and MBAs from India’s Best Institutes!

Creative & Professional

We co create and customize every solution as per your needs!

Complex Solutions Simplified

We deliver complex solutions, simplified to you!

100% Result Guarantee

Tried and tested solutions to guarantee results! Quickest you can get!


We offer highly customized industry oriented solutions!
Strong Focus on Return on Investment! Win Win situation!
Innovation Hungry! We innovate everyday! And evolve with you!
Customer Obsessed! Every solution is built keeping customer needs at the core!
Passenger and Driver Safety driven solutions!


Customer Service is The Biggest Differentiator!

When we started our engagement a year ago with Aryan Pumps which provides specially designed and manufactured vehicles to various government agencies , our focus was on providing excellent service with 100% reliable solutions! This has helped us to scale up engagement across projects such as

Mumbai Pune Expressway Patrol and Emergency Response: MSRDC And Highway Police

PMC Fire Brigade Quick Response Fleet

BMC Recyclers for Sewage Management

And now PCMC Recyclers for Sewage Management

Recently we deployed Vector GPS solutions on PCMC’s Recyclers which are used in Sewage Management.

Our endeavor has always been to provide 100% reliable solution with 24*7 Support to our customers! As a result of our efforts, we have been receiving “repeat and referral” orders from almost 100% of our customers!

Vector GPS- Beyond The Horizon is proud to be associated with PCMC now!

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Vector GPS AIS 140 Installations in Mumbai!

Vector GPS is well equipped to provide AIS* 140 solutions!
(*AIS: Automotive Industry Standard)

As per Government of India Gazette Notification G.S.R. 1081(E) following classes of vehicles have to be fitted with AIS 140 GPS Tracking System.

1.Commercial Passenger Vehicles: Includes all cabs and buses.

2.Goods Vehicles with All India Permit

3.Vehicles Carrying Hazardous Chemicals or Goods

Glimpses of yesterday’s installations in #Mumbai for Bharat Benz Trucks! These are for our existing client who is using Vector GPS solutions for their 100+ CV Fleet!
As per rules governing RTO authorities , AIS 140 Compliant Tracking Systems are required to be in place at the time of registration or renewal of fitness certificates for vehicles. Practically meaning BEFORE the vehicle is registered, or presented for fitness test (for registered vehicles) hence you see these with temp nos!

Vector GPS- Beyond The Horizon

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Reliability and Accuracy, both are equally important. Vector GPS ensures both.

#Logistics is undergoing transformation in #India. There is tremendous focus on improving efficiency.

In the attached image you can see a short trip of 0.33 KMs within the premises of a #manufacturing company. See how precisely #vectorgps solution is able to plot it exactly along the internal road of the #factory!

There are multiple factors that go into this, including the #data collection interval frequency, distance traveled range, and the speed delta range at which data is collected and stored on servers.

With Vector GPS , #fleet owners can see all trips on map and gain effective control over movements in real time, check any route deviation , poor driving behavior and much more! Thereby improving fleet efficiency and optimising operating costs by almost 30%, and reducing #accidents by 40%!

Our state of the art #analytics dashboards help #customers identify improvement opportunities at every stage of their logistics operations.
At Vector GPS, our prime focus areas are:

Enhance #Productivity
Optimize Operating and #Maintenance Costs
Improve #Safety of Stakeholders

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